Decorative spider

Although this wasn't our first year in the house, we definitely wanted to do the house up right this time. What better way to set the tone than with a massive decorative spider. 


  • 4L empty plastic jug
  • 1 large black garbage bag
  • Black duct tape
  • Scissors
  • 4 8' long black pipe insulators


Removing the coloured strip from the insulation is completely up to you. I decided to keep it in the example shown. From each edge of the pipe insulators, measure 2'. Then cut a 45 degree angle, creating a bend downward. Tape this in place with your black duct tape. Repeat on all pipe insulators. 

Place the empty plastic jug in the bottom of the garbage bag. Tightly fold in any access and tape it in place. This is creating the body of the spider. Make sure to keep all the taping on one side of the jug, this will help to create a cleaner look. Twist the bag at the top of the jug and tape in place; you should have plenty of garbage bag left over. 

With the extra garbage bag at the head of the spider/mouth of the jug, fill with extra grocery bags or even newspaper to create a ball. Put this inside the remaining garbage bag and shape to form a head. Once you're happy with your shape, tape in place. 

Now for attaching the legs. Lay out the legs so that they all have the bend facing up towards the ceiling. Place them one ahead of another, like a Conga line, and begin taping them to the bottom of the body you just created using the jug and garbage bag. Again, all of the tape on your spider's body should be at the bottom, this is where you should tape-on his legs. 

What you have in front of your should look like a spider. Feel free to decorate as you wish. I added some evil eyes to mine by using green painters tape and black duct tape to hold in place.