Sour cherry ice-cream sandwiches

YIELDS: 10 ice-cream sandwiches | TIME: 24 hrs. | SKILL SET: Difficult

It been nothing but heatwave after heatwave this summer and all I want to do is be outside but not spontaneously bust from the heat. Aside from buying a $26 pool form Canadian Tire (shown in the background), I wanted a nice cool treat that wasn't a cocktail for a change. 

With sour cherries in season, it was the perfect excuse to get me to trying my hand at homemade ice-cream. 

I'm not going to pretend that I whipped up an ice-cream recipe one evening, but I will tell you where I got the recipe from. Here, that's where I found it.

But I couldn't stop at just plain old homemade sour cherry ice-cream. I had to take it one step further because I love to eat. I decided to make ice-cream sandwiches. Playing off the sour cherries I decided to make chocolate chocolate chip cookies (recipe for that, here). Then, I toasted some slivered almonds and rolled the sandwiches accordingly. Let everything freeze overnight, then enjoy! Nom nom nom...